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KRIVA hotel is pleased to offer the service bar and restaurant. In the interior premises can accommodate about 100 people and environments the outside bar and restaurant can accommodate about 200 persona.Kuzhina consists of the traditional Albanian and Italian. Among some of the traditional dishes can mention: tav cream, dust pan, with pestil tav, tav fish pie with milk, yogurt pie, meatballs, paidhaqe, chicken with rice, meat roasted on coals The imam bajalldi, pie meat, fish, beef, fish furnace. Among some Italian dishes can mention: Neapolitan spaghetti, spaghetti bolognaise, arabiata pen, pen bolognaise, pen 4 formagi, rice with vegetables, fruit seafood risotto, risotto 4 formagi, eskallp cream mushrooms, lemon escallop wine, cocktails Florentine different byftek . Pizza, margarita, mushrooms, spicy, 4 formagi, vegetarian, kalcone, sole mio, kapriciozo, 4 seasons.

Kriva Hotel
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